Nikhil Barhate

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UPDATE : Actively seeking New Grad positions starting from May 2024.

I am a Masters in Computer Science student at the University of Colorado Boulder working on reinforcement learning and natural language processing.

In summer 2023 I interned with AMD High Performance Computing team, where I built Machine Learning models to predict optimal CPU-GPU partitioning of a matrix for efficient Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication.

Previously, I was a Research Visitor at Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, working on memory retrieval and trajectory modelling for retrieval augmented reinforcement learning, advised by Anirudh Goyal and Professor Yoshua Bengio.

I have also worked briefly on domain adaptation for semantic segmentation in computer vision at VAL IISc, advised by Professor R Venkatesh Babu.

I am broadly interested in:

My Research interests in ML include Deep Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Imitation and Reinforcement Learning. Especially in the context of Generalization and Transfer in ML, Autonomous Decision-making, Robotics, Generative Models and Representation Learning.

On the Engineering and Applied Research side, I try to learn more about exciting technological developments in Distributed Systems, Computer Architecture, Quantum Computing, Accelerated Chip Design and Accelerated Materials and Drug Discovery.